Our workshops and events are designed to help you take your yoga with you off the mat…even when they don’t involve a single pose.

Every event we hold offers the perfect dedicated space and time – carved out just for you – in which you can dig deep, focus unapologetically, and break through to the next level of your growth. Because yoga isn’t just about finally nailing that headstand, it’s about being in union with the best version of you. Our workshops are here to help you do just that, in the company of other like-minded growth-seekers (we seekers like to travel in packs). 

Whether it’s a blissful sound healing, an educational dive into the principles of Ayurveda, or a liberating ecstatic dance event, our workshops and events are carefully curated to bring you experiences that will help you lift your chin a little higher, breathe a little deeper, and live your life with a little more spring in your step each and every day.

We also love to host donation-based yoga events and pass the proceeds along to those in our community who need support. Because that’s yoga too…maybe even the highest form of it.

Here’s what we have coming up:

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