Yoga teacher training is for a few different kinds of people:

It might be for you if:

  • you feel an intense and specific call to teach
  • you aren’t sure if you want to teach, but you know for sure that you want to deepen your yoga practice
  • you want a more well-rounded understanding and experience of yoga
  • you want to learn to listen to your inner guidance
  • you want to transform yourself and your community

If you fall into one of these categories, let’s address some common FAQ’s upfront:

Do you have to have an Instagram-worthy handstand in your practice to start yoga teacher training? No.

Do you have to be even halfway to mastering that Instagram-worthy handstand? Still no.

Will you be prepared with all the knowledge and experience you need to teach your first class upon graduating? If you’ve truly done the internal and external work that this training asks of you, absolutely.

Samadhi hosts two yoga teacher training programs, both offered through our sister organization, Body Temple Yoga School.

About Body Temple Yoga School + Samadhi

Body Temple Yoga School’s offerings are a direct complement to our mission. The Body Temple Yoga method trains students in open-hearted, authentically-guided yoga methodology that encourages both the internal and external alignment necessary to access the wisdom of our hearts, as well as the courage to act on this wisdom. Our roots with this organization run deep—one of our founders is a BTYS graduate, and the other has been a long-time student of its founder, Daniella Cotreau. Because our roots run so deep, we have a very special relationship with Body Temple Yoga School, which allows us to offer a true home to our yoga teacher training students, versus just a place you come to take a training. 

Because BTYS is part of the life-blood of our mission, the vast majority of our instructors are trained in the Body Temple Yoga methodology, and perhaps even more exciting for our trainees is this:

All graduates of  BTYS teacher training programs have priority placement in teaching their very own classes at Samadhi once they graduate and are ready to teach.

After graduation, certified teachers will also have the opportunity to apply for a mentorship program with founder Daniella Cotreau. Above all, we make sure our trainees are fully supported on their journey. Because, in the words of Ram Dass, “we’re all just walking each other home.”

About the programs:

200 Hour Head to Heart Yoga Teacher Training:
this program is equal parts yoga teacher training and personal transformation program. While you learn how to guide students from their head to their heart through the uniquely effective Body Temple Yoga methodology, you’ll also make the journey from your own head to your own heart, arriving at the doorstep of your authentic self. From there, you can take this wisdom out into the world with intention, clarity, and a sense of ever-present inner guidance.

This program starts in September 2019, and meets for one weekend a month for 9 months

Hop over to the BTYS site for more info on the program experience, included courses, dates, requirements, and/or to schedule a connection call with Daniella to see if this is a good fit.

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Training (requires 200 hour certificate from an accredited yoga school): this is for those who have already completed their 200 hour teacher training, and are ready to dig deeper. The 300 hour program is a multi-disciplinary deep-dive that will broaden your understanding of the finer points of yoga, educate you in intermediate to advanced anatomy, philosophy, and hands-on adjustment techniques, equip you with the tools to serve a broader audience and address unique student needs, immerse you in heart wisdom teachings, and even hone your business skills so you can reach more people.

This program starts in September 2019, and meets for one weekend a month for 12 months.

Visit the BTYS site for more info on the program, instructors, courses & clinics, dates, requirements, and/or to schedule a connection call with Daniella to see if this program is right for you!

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