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Cheryl is the owner and founder of Samadhi Yoga Gruha.
For 16 years she has worked with professional athletes and dancers, cancer patients, stay at home moms, and Silicon Valley techies.

Her passion is working with the emotional component behind the physical ailment. She has a strong mission to guide people who want to change their lives for the better.


Daron is a fitness coach, certified yoga instructor, health and wellness coach, and founder of OsteoStrong San Jose.

She has a passion for helping clients with bone strength, movement, breath work, meditation, yoga and nutrition, art and even some laughter!

At OsteoStrong, her team specializes in bones, muscles, balance and energy, with amazing biohack devices that can improve your health and immune system.


Born in a lineage of Hindu priests, Shiva has been a yoga and meditation practitioner for over 15 years.

He teaches the integration of bhakti yoga, karma yoga and raja yoga as it is in the Patanjali yoga sutras and in the Upanishads.

He manifested and deployed “The SoulWomb” at various wellness recovery centers as a sacred sound meditation space to those in behavioral health and substance abuse recovery.


Rashmi’s guided meditations use her expertise as a 500 hour certified yoga teacher to activate the “rest and digest” parts of your nervous system.

With a soothing voice and encouraging safe space, you can release tension and feel ready to tackle the week.

Rashmi also guides her students in a customizable class that focuses on alignment-based Hatha techniques to release tension in the hips.


Off the mat, Joseph is a social work supervisor, helping families in his community overcome difficulties. On the mat, Joseph is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher in alignment based hatha.

Joseph’s mission is to help his students develop a deeper connection of themselves by inviting free expression and self-love. His goal is to help empower others to recognize their own inner strengths in a safe and nonjudgmental space for his students.

Nadia is an internationally certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and Body Temple Yoga™ School trained yoga teacher.
She has a passion for movement,  and personal growth. Her studies in psychology enhanced her commitment to understanding the human experience. 
Nadia has a mission to help others create happy and fulfilling lives through fitness, healthy habits, and spiritual/wellness practices. 

Anna is a 200 hour certified Body Temple Yoga™ alignment based Hatha yoga instructor.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Mentorship and is currently studying to become a Heart Based Leader, with yogic principles as her foundation.

Anna loves to incorporate twists into her students’ yogic practice to move energy through the body, and focuses on using alignment in the physical body to allow students to create a deeper connection with their hearts.

Lacy loves of the discipline and grace that dance and yoga both embody.
She completed her 200 hour training with Mark Stephens and her 500 hour teacher training in with Rishikesh Yogakulam. Lacy is level 1&2 Reiki certified, and is the owner of Yoga Interlaced, a 200hr yoga teacher training in the Bay Area.

Her intention is to raise self awareness and mindfulness within each student, as well as incorporate the physical and mental discipline yoga offers.


Marcie found yoga as a grounding tool for deeper self-acceptance.  She offers support for others wanting to do the same through the styles of Alignment-Based Hatha and Vinyasa.

Marcie strives to create a safe, caring space togrow a healthy relationship with oneself. Students are invited to connect their mind, body, and spirit, creating a compassionate space for self-inquiry and self-discovery.


Crystal fell in love with yoga after taking classes here at Samadhi Yoga Gruha.

She has a passion for dance, self-improvement, and sustainability.

She is Reiki 1 & 2 certified, and incorporates mantra, affirmations, and visualization with the intention of moving energy and manifesting peace in the greater collective.

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