Step one foot in our studio and you’ll know it’s a special place.
Special like your favorite childhood memory
or a sweater that smells like someone you adore. 

That’s because it was envisioned, designed, and created to feel like home. 

Your home.

Samadhi Yoga Studio Top View

Our sun-soaked, modern-zen inspired 3,000 square foot home features two yoga studios. The Heart Space is a sprawling studio with high ceilings, oversized skylights, exposed wood beams, and greenery everywhere you turn. Its sister studio is the Shanti Room: a tealight-trimmed, tapestry-adorned intimate space that instantly evokes a feeling of warmth and safety, and embodies the inner peace at the heart of its name. 

Our wellness center is comprised of three cozy spaces where our talented practitioners offer massage, energy work, Ayurvedic counseling, and integrated nutrition & health coaching to complement your yoga practice.

The only thing that would make this space better? You.

Can’t wait to see you here.


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