We offer yoga classes for beginners, intermediate yogis, and advanced yogis alike.

Translation: if you can read these words, there’s a class here for you.

If you can read these words while rockin’ a tripod headstand, that’s also very cool…but not required.

Not sure which classes are a good fit? Give us a call at 408-569-7616 or email us at hello@samadhiyogagruha.com and we’ll point you in the right direction! 

Signing up for class: to hold your spot and help our teachers plan accordingly, please register for class no later than 2 hours in advance (for the sunrise warriors in the 6:30am class, please sign up by 9pm the night before). Clicking on “book” in the schedule below will take you through the MINDBODY booking system. If you’re new to this system, you’ll need to create an account, but don’t worry, it’s simple and takes about 1 minute. If you’re not a member, you’ll then be able to choose your desired payment option.

First time at the studio? Check out our getting to class page to ease your journey.

See you on the mat!

Class Schedule

We believe in radical inclusivity, and our teachers provide guidance to beginners along with plenty of modifications for all levels, so you can adjust your practice to fit your body’s needs in that moment, of that day. 

The vast majority of our classes are built on a foundation of alignment-based Hatha yoga. Because proper alignment is at the core of all sustainable growth (both on and off the mat), our yoga classes are designed to provide you with ongoing instruction in ever-improving alignment, so you can safely and sustainably build your ever-evolving practice, no matter where your practice is right now. In addition to pure alignment-based Hatha yoga, we offer Vinyasa flow, prenatal yoga, gentle yoga, restorative, and a meditative, breath-focused flow.

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