We’re a radically inclusive yoga studio and wellness center offering yoga classes for total beginners to advanced yogis alongside supportive holistic wellness services. Our studio is a bright, serene, and inviting 3000 sq. foot space in the heart of charming downtown San Jose.

Samadhi” is the state of union that results when you merge with the best version of yourself, and “gruha” is a place where you can freely cultivate that state. We’re all about helping you live this state of union, day after day…whatever that looks like for you.

Our yoga classes and wellness offerings focus on the physical, mental, and emotional magic that follows aligned movement and fine-tuned health. We’ve curated high quality, alignment-based yoga classes, events, workshops, and teacher trainings taught by some of the finest instructors in San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area. Our studio serves all levels – from beginners to lifelong practitioners — in a gorgeous space that was designed to inspire your expansion.

We also offer wellness services to support your personal transformation, including massage, energy healing, Ayurvedic counseling, and integrative health & nutrition coaching.

We love our community fiercely, seek to better ourselves daily, and constantly practice striking the balance between stillness and expansion. (Because can we all admit that it’s a daily practice that no one’s quite figured out just yet?)

If you’re ready to step into the best version of yourself and connect with an open-hearted community of humans looking to do the same, check out our class schedule, view our pricing & membership options, or contact us to talk to our staff about which class is best for you!

Your first class is FREE.

Absolutely everyone of any age, level, and ability is welcome.

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