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Located at 255 N. Market St., Suite 270 (in the James Square building, just 2 blocks from San Pedro Square).

From 9am -5pm, use the entrance on Market Street, take the staircase in the back left corner of the atrium, turn right at the top of the stairs, and we’re straight down the hall. All other times, use the entrance on the N. San Pedro side of the building, right next to our sign (if the door inside the gate is locked, use the code 4970). Use the stairway to the right, and you’ll find us down the hall on the left hand side.

Questions? Call us at 408-569-7616, or send an email to [email protected]

Welcome to the evolving home of Samadhi Yoga Gruha.

Our full website is under way as we speak…err…write, but here’s what you need to know for now:

What’s Samadhi Yoga Gruha about?

Samadhi = a state of connection with [insert whatever word you use to describe the infinite/divine/spirit/life force/god force/love force/ever-present-one force]

Gruha = a home/space in which to freely cultivate

So in short, we’re about creating a space where you can freely connect to that place inside of you that feels like home. 

We offer soul-quenching, always-welcoming yoga classes for all ages/shapes/levels, personal health/nutrition/wellness coaches, health/nutrition/wellness workshops, energy healings, sound healings, yoga teacher trainings, business and personal development workshops for wellness professionals, and an ever-growing set of tools to help you live your life the way it was meant to be lived:

in total alignment with who you were meant to be. 

How can you be a part of this?

A membership is the best way to immerse yourself in this transformative community. Memberships are $108 a month for unlimited yoga classes (plus a free workshop every month, quarterly members nights, and discounts on all wellness services!)

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Upcoming Events!

We like to help you take your yoga with you off the mat. One way we do this is through workshops and events, carefully curated to bring you experiences that help you lift your chin a little higher, breathe a little deeper, and live your life a little lighter. Here’s what we have coming up:

10.7 –  4 – 6pm: High Vibrational Healing w/ Skye Birdsall & Scott Adam

This workshop will take you for a ride through the multiple dimensions of your being using pranayam, asana, yoga nidra, and sound healing. The tools are varied but the outcomes are consistent: you’ll leave with an open heart, restored body, clear mind, and sky-high vibe. (cost: $30 in advance, $40 at the door)

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